Join Our Club

When you join The University Club of Palo Alto, you get so much more than a club membership

The true value of belonging comes from being part of an authentically welcoming, genuinely engaging community where it's easy to build relationships, make connections, and share the most important moments of life.

New members often say they are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they feel at home. To begin your personal exploration, we recommend you:

  • Begin with a tour of our spacious, natural setting – an inspiring park-like escape here in the heart of Palo Alto
  • Discover the vast array of programs and amenities that appeal to your whole family. We strive to create an environment that is an extension of your own home, with personalized service, on a beautifully landscaped property and well maintained state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Talk with members and team members about our shared values of genuine warmth, authentic friendliness, high standards, and proven dedication to family and community. 

We offer a range of membership opportunities and are happy to schedule your personal tour.

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