Bocce Ball

Sign up now for UCPA's 2020 Spring Bocce League!


Click here for the Spring 2020 Information Packet

  • Area Reservation
    • Bocce Use: First come, first served unless reserved with Member Services.

      2 Courts & 2 Bocce Sets
      4 Hour Rental Maximum
      Reservations Contact Melanie Carlsen

      Cancellations Must be made 5 days prior to scheduled event or full charges will apply.
      Hours 9 am – 10 pm
      Capacity 30 people maximum for Bocce play only
      Rental Fees – Bocce Play Only 1-20 people  $100                      21-30 people $150
      Rental Fees – Bocce + Ceremony Site Member $600              Non-Member $1050

       Click Here for more Rental Information 
  • Important Spring 2020 Dates
    • LEAGUE REGISTRATION - Opens on February 6th

      Friday, March 6th at 6:30pm at the Bocce Courts
      Learn how to play, meet other members from the league & enjoy light appetizers, beer and wine!

      Monday, March 9th  

      Friday, March 13th at 6pm  

      March 17th – April 16th
      (League Play could be 5-7 weeks, depending on the number of teams signed up)


  • Bocce Ball Mixer
  • League Format
    • •      Teams play for a period of 5 weeks – 7 weeks (depending on the number of teams signed up – each team must play all teams in the league)  + 2 additional weeks for playoffs
      •      There are 3 games to a match, first team to reach 10 points wins the match.
      •      Team that wins 2 out of 3 games win the match. 
      League Rules & Regulations will be published soon*
      •      Teams consist of a minimum of 8 players and maximum of 12 players. Each Bocce team must have at least 1 UC member on their team – there will be no all non-member teams. Every team must have a finalized roster by their first game, everyone who plays must be on the roster, no substitutes.
      •      League play will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday nights. All games will begin at by 6:30pm. 
      •      Please submit the registration form to enter yourself and be assigned to a team or register a pre-formed team. Be sure to enter email addresses for all team members as that will be the best method of communication for league information.
      •      Member Cost is $75 per person (not including tax & gratuity) which includes light appetizers, beer and wine. Non- Member Cost is $95 (not including tax 9% and service charge 20%)
      •      Completed forms should be submitted to Melanie Carlsen at or dropped off in the Administration office.
      •      Captain or Co-captain must be present at Captain’s meeting on Thursday, March 12th at 6pm
      •      If you have any questions regarding the bocce league, please email Melanie Carlsen at

  • Schedule & Game Times
    • Teams will play on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night, depending on league assignments. Schedules will be distributed at the captains meeting.
      Games will start immediately at 6:30pm and will run for about 1 ½ hours.

  • League Fees
    • Member Cost is $75 per person & Non- Member Cost is $95  (not including tax (9%) & gratuity(20%))
      which includes light appetizers, beer and wine.

  • Registration
    • Forms are available by clicking this link or can be picked up in the Administration office. Forms can be turned in to the administration office or emailed to League fees will be billed to the membership accounts.

  • UCPA Bocce Ball League FAQ’S
    • How do I sign up for Bocce Ball? 
      Forms are available online at and in the Administration office. Please return completed forms to the Administration office or via email to Melanie Carlsen Captains may submit one registration packet per team. Instead of individual packets   
      How many players can be on a team?
      You must have at least 8 players to start a bocce team and no more than 12. At least 4 players must be in attendance before a match starts in order not to forfeit. Each team must have a Captain.
      Can I sign up as a single?
      Of course! UCPA will work to place you on a team with others or with an incomplete team. Please let us know if you have an interest in being team captain, as one will be picked/decided for each team. 
      When and where will the bocce leagues be played? 
      Bocce will be played at the 2 courts located near the Tennis Pavilion. League play will begin on March 17th and will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday nights at 6:30pm.
      Will there be food and beverage available?
      Appetizers, wine & beer will be provided for members during league play. 
      How much does it cost to be in a league? 
      Member Cost is $75 per person (not including tax). Non-Member Cost is $95 per person (not including tax), checks will be made out to University Club of Palo Alto. The money will go towards food and drinks for the league participants.  
      Can children participate in UCPA Bocce Ball League? 
      Unfortunately, league play is for adults only. 
      What is the dress code?
      The dress code is casual. Closed-toe and comfortable shoes are recommended. 
      What are the deadlines concerning bocce?
      Last day to sign up for Spring League is Monday, March 9th   
      Can any member play in UCPA Bocce League?
      Yes, teams can be made up of any combination of adult members; all men, all women or co-ed, it’s up to you. We encourage all members of all levels to play, the UC Bocce league is focused on fun and learning to play Bocce while meeting other members.
      Can guests play in the UCPA Bocce League? 
      Yes, they can, if there’s still room! Members have priority, but we will open the leagues for any friend or guest of a member who wants to play, as long as there is space available. There will be no non-member teams, at least one UC member per team but we still encourage members to bring guest and potential new members to the Bocce League.

  • UCPA Bocce Ball League Champions
    • Fall 2019 League 
      First Place - 'Delinquent Dads' 
      Team Captains: Doug Lusk & Jon Ward
      Don Darby
      Kurt Buecheler
      Ken Thom
      Kevin Akioka
      Tony Jeffries
      Gil Siegel
      Chris Rojahn

      Second Place - 'Nobody Puts Bocce in the Corner'
      Team Captain: Marc Guillet 

      Spring 2019 League 

      First Place - 'SIR Branch 35' 
      Team Captains: Bob Taggart & Peter Thurston
      Gil Eakins
      Philip Bencivenga
      Greg Ross
      Wayne Dexter
      John Faucett
      Norm Pass
      Hal Toppel
      Bill Baker
      Bob Roy
      John Richardson

      Second Place - 'Rolly Pollies' 
      Team Captain: Mary Ely 
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