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        USTA Teams/Season
        January 7th - March 31st
        Adult 40 & Over (Men & Women) Format - 2 singles & 3 doubles
        Adult 18-39 (Men, Women & Mixed) Format - 2 gender doubles & 1 Mixed

        January 7th - March 17th
        NorCal Mixed 55 & Over (Mixed) Format - 3 doubles

        March 4th - May 24th
        NorCal 65 & Over (Men & Women) Format - 3 doubles

        April 1st - June 23rd
        Adult 18 & Over (Men & Women) Format - 2 singles & 3 doubles

        June 10th - September 1st
        Adult 55 & Over (Men & Women) Format - 3 doubles

        June 24th - September 15th
        Mixed 18 & Over (Mixed) Format - 3 doubles

        September 16th - December 15th
        NorCal Combo Doubles (Men & Women) Format - 3 doubles
        Adult 18-39 Singles (Men & Women) - 2 singles

        September 9th - December 6th
        NorCal Adult 70 & Over (Men & Women) Format - 3 doubles





        Computerized NTRP ratings are affected by opponents, doubles partners and match results. Team position played, actual number of wins and losses or team standings do not affect computerized ratings.

        Ratings are calculated for each match played and then averaged to determine a final rating.

        Two players can play the entire year together, exclusively. At the end of the year when the ratings are published, the two partners can have different ratings. The players in question compete at the 3.5 level. When the new ratings are published, player A is still a 3.5; player B becomes a 4.0. How could this be possible?

        At the start of the year, player A had a rating of 3.26 (3.5 NTRP level), player B had a rating of 3.41 (3.5 NTRP). The improvement of each player was exactly the same: .13. Player A's final rating (based upon the previous season match results) was: 3.26 + .13 = 3.39. Player B's final rating was 3.41 + .13 = 3.54.

        Even though there was only a difference of .15 between the two players, when they both improved .13, it would be enough to push player B to the next (4.0) NTRP level. This situation can happen at any of the NTRP levels.

        Included in End of Year rating calculations are all USTA Senior and Adult Leagues' results, as well as NTRP tournament match results.



  • USTA Team Rosters
  • Men's Doubles Day
    • The object for Men’s Doubles Day is for men of equal level to come for a social game of doubles or singles. After tennis the men often  have lunch. Players do not have to participate each week but sign up when they can play.

      Level: 3.5 and higher players.

      Day: Tuesday and Thursday

      Time: 10:30-12

      Courts: 1 and 2

  • Tennis Food Drop-Off Form

    • Food orders must be placed 48 hours before event date 

      Bill to: (First & Last Name Required)
      How many lunches to bill?
      $10 per person (plus tax & gratuity)
      Package includes iced tea, water & lemonade

      How Many Pitchers?

      Cancellations must be done 24 hours before event date with the exception of rainouts 
      Orders should be turned in at the Grill or to Lorraine Sarich and a confirmation email will be sent upon receipt 
      Fax Order: 650.493.0479
      * Denotes Required Field
  • Beginner Adult Clinics
  • Women's Morning Tennis

    • Women's Friday Morning Tennis 9am-11am

      Friday from 9-11am and ALL levels welcome to join. Women's Morning Tennis will be year around. The object of Women's Morning Tennis is for players just starting to play matches and/or wanting to play against other players at the club in a fun social environment. Players will play with different partners set up by the Women's Morning Tennis captain. If more than 2 courts are needed regularly then the Tennis Director's may allocate more courts for the event. When an 7 Corner Mixer is played at the University Club Women's Morning Tennis is cancelled.

      7 Corner Mixers

      The 7 Corner Mixers include 7 of the local clubs that all come together for a round robin social play for players at the 2.5 and 3.0 levels. These are great opportunities for players to play a doubles or singles match in a non competitive and friendly environment. Mixers will be set up by the Women's Morning Tennis captain and Tennis Directors. Mixers can use up to 7 courts and are played on Friday mornings. Every club host at least 1 match and the season runs September to May.