Racquet Restringing

When to Restring: The basic rule of thumb still applies: Players should restring as many times each year as they play each week. But better yet, have your string tension checked regularly, and restring after losing 20 to 30 percent of the freshly strung value.  

A few other general guidelines:

  • Lower string tensions generate more power.
  • Higher string tensions produce more ball control.
  • Fewer strings will generally produce more power.
  • Thinner string generally produces more power.
  • A longer string will generally produce more power.
  • Thinner strings generally produce more spin.
  • A more open stringbed tends to generate more spin.
  • Pre-stretching string before installation will generally reduce the amount of tension lost after stringing.


Racquet Restringing Service:


Sonic Pro 16

More touch, maximum control


Sonic Pro 17

More touch, maximum control


FXP Blend

Superb Durability & Optimum Performance


Tennis Stringing Labor


Contact Mark Hanna for information about restringing at mhanna@ucpaloalto.com