Junior Tennis

Director of Youth Tennis, Miles Bentley runs the Junior Tennis Programs including clinics, camps, summer programs, individual lessons, interclubs, and tournament participation. There are opportunities for players of all skill levels in our many flexible programs. The goal of the program is to help you and your family take your tennis game to the next level, build friendships, get a great workout and have fun in the process.

  • Year Round Junior Clinics and Interclub Team
    • Year Round Junior Tennis Clinics Fall 2017

      Program Goal:

      Our goal is to help you and your family take your tennis game to the next level, build friendships, get a great workout and have fun in the process. Level Descriptions   We look to provide all juniors with the opportunity to improve their tennis and develop skills in a flexible program which is fun, motivating, nurturing and inspiring. 


      Level 1:

      Little Stars (ages 4-6) Red Dot Balls This is a fun introduction to tennis with an emphasis on hand eye coordination, movement and fun games  

      Level 2:

      Future Stars (ages 7-12) Orange Balls Players are grouped by ability levels and range from beginners to novice players who have some private instruction. These players will be working on the ability to sustain a rally and consistently get their serves in. Emphasis will be on the development of proper fundamentals, learning how to keep score, basic rules, playing games that increase a player’s court awareness and having fun!      

      Level 3:

      Player’s Club (ages 7-12) Green Dot & Yellow Balls Designed for advanced players who are still working on their technical skills and need more match play experience. These players want to eventually move up into the Level 4 or 5 of Junior Performance Program. Proper fundamentals will be stressed, along with drills, conditioning, and singles & doubles strategizing.  

      Level 4:

      Advanced/Tournament Training Yellow Ball Players (invite only) Designed for the player that wants to start competing in the novice/ challenger USTA events. This is more intense than the Advanced Stars. The players in this program have a good grasp on the fundamentals of the game. Strategy, technique and match practice are a major component in this program.  

      Level 5:

      High Performance / Tournament Training Yellow Ball Players (invite only) This is an intense, rigorous program. The Junior High Performance players will be trained to compete in USTA tournaments, high school and college play. Players must be prepared to work very hard and commit to practicing and goal setting. All phases of the game: physical, mental and tactical will be worked on.  

      Clinic Schedule

      *All clinics are drop in, therefore very flexible
      Monday &/or Wednesday:           4:00-5:30 Little Stars Red Dot ages 4-6, Future Stars Orange Ball Players, ages 7-12
      5:00-6:30 Players Club Green & Yellow Ball Player, ages 7-12
      Tuesday &/or Thursday 4:00-5:30 Advanced/Tournament Training, invite only
      4:00-5:30 High Performance/Tournament Training, invite only
      Saturday                                          2:00-3:30 Future Stars & Players Club- Orange & Green Ball Players, ages 7-12  



      Pricing Options  

       Platinum and Silver packages are allotted one additional month to complete clinics
      Platinum Package Silver Package:   
      Daily Drop in Rate: 
       12 weeks – 24 clinics  12 weeks – 12 clinics     $42 per clinic Member 
        (2 clinics per week)      (1 clinic per week)    $47 per clinic Non Member 
       $600 Member    $360 Member   
             $744 Non Member   $432 Non Member  

      Seasonal Billing Policies:

      Platinum and Silver packages are allotted one additional month to complete clinics. There are no refunds or exchanges once a clinic session has started.   *** All previous 12 month packs will be honored  


      No clinics on the following dates: September 4th, November 11th, 22nd, 23rd and 25th, December 22nd through January 7th, February 19th, March 31st through April 7th, May 28th  

      Junior Buddy Deal:

      If you bring a friend who has never been to one of our clinics, you both get that clinic free!  

      How to Register:

      Click here for a printable version of the registration form. Completed forms can be emailed to mbentley@ucpaloalto.com or turned into the Tennis Office during business hours. Non Members must submit payment by check upon registration. Checks should be made out to University Club of Palo Alto. We do not accept credit cards or cash.   

      Questions or more info: Miles Bentley at mbentley@ucpaloalto.com


  • Red Ball Level 1
  • Summer Junior Clinics/Camp and Interclub Team