Summer Swim Team

The UC Sharks Summer Swim Program is a three month season designed for kids of all ages and ability levels. For some this will serve as an introduction to the sport of swimming, for others an enjoyable summer activity.

The main goals of the University Club Coaching Staff are to make each individual feel welcome into a positive learning environment and to strive for improvement in all strokes throughout the season.

Practices take place Monday through Friday starting in early May and ending in late July. There is no mandatory practice routine but consistent attendance is strongly encouraged for best results. Social gatherings and spirit events happen periodically throughout the summer for kids’ delight!

The PSA schedule consists of five Wednesday evening dual meets and one championship meet at the end of the season. Parent volunteer help is a great way to interact with other UC families and to help the meets run smoothly.

If you have questions regarding the UC Sharks program, feel free to contact Coach Matt (
  • Groups & Practice Times
    • UC Sharks Practice Groups


      Team Levels

      The University Club will use an "age group" based program designed to develop all swimmers in a systematic fashion. We will establish training groups of swimmers who are in the same age group to also create a social environment for our swimmers. At each level the coaching goals and objectives are specific and directed toward meeting the swimmer's needs.

      Mako Sharks - (11 & up) 4:45pm - 6:00pm (Monday - Friday)
      The Mako sharks will consist of our older UC swimmers. This group will work towards gaining overall fitness, developing speed, and working on turns and starts.

      Sand Sharks - (9 - 10) 4:45pm - 5:45pm (Monday - Friday)
      The sand sharks will have a major emphasis on stroke technique to gain overall speed. This is a group that can swim laps, but will mainly concentrate on the fundamentals and learning all the strokes. They only swim 25's in meets so they will also work on starts and finishes.

      Tiger Sharks - (7 - 8) 4:00pm - 4:45pm (Monday - Friday)
      The tiger shark group will also have a major emphasis on stroke technique to gain overall speed. They will work on learning all four of the competitive strokes while training to develop some basic endurance. They only swim 25's in meets so they will be working on technique, starts, and finishes.

      Pollywogs - (6 & under novices) 3:30pm - 4:00pm (Monday - Friday)
      The pollywogs group is a pre-swim team experience that is less strenuous as a swim team workout and more frequent than lessons. Pollywogs will be required to swim half of the width of the shallow end without touching the bottom to join. We want them to have the swim team experience while they hone their skills and endurance.

      New! Tadpoles - (Ages 4-6) 3:30pm - 4:00pm (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday*)The Tadpole group is an introductory class to prep for summer swim team to teach basic water safety skills, such as taking a breath, back-float, front-float, 'big arms', and a proper kick that are crucial to confident swimming, Download registration here

      *Session 4 July 1-July 19th will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday 

  • Fees
    • Payment Plans

      All registered swimmers will receive a UC Sharks T-shirt and swim cap at the beginning of the season, as well as a trophy at the end of the season. 

      Plan A: $375 / entire summer
      Swimmers planning on attending practices and events for the entire summer swim season with the PSA summer swim team.

      Plan B: $250 / per month
      Participants planning on swimming for any six consecutive weeks of the summer season.

      Plan C: $125
      High school, MCAC, or other USS club swimmers that will only be competing in swim meets for the UC Sharks. This fee covers everything from awards, social events, swim meets, T-shirts, caps, and other team expenses.


      Special Notes:

      Fees are non-refundable (except in cases of swimmers who participate in fewer than 2 total "UC Sharks" workouts). Billing will take place on the first monthly statement after the form is submitted. Swimmers that compete in workouts or activities without filling out the enrollment plan form and the signed liability waiver will be billed the full amount for the summer with Plan A. All fees are waived for swimmers ages 17-18.

  • Registration
    • We are online!! Please click the Tab under Youth Swim Programs, Summer Swim Registration above. Fill out the form online and it will automatically be sent to the coaches.  Thank you!
  • Schedule
    • 2019 Meet & Event Schedule

      Sunday, April 28- Kick Off BBQ
      Monday, April 29 - Practice begins!!
      Wednesday, June 5 - Practice Meet & Ice Cream Social @ UC
      Wednesday, June 12 - UC @ Ladera Oaks*
      Wednesday, June 19 - UC @ Foothills
      Wednesday, June 26 - Fremont Hills @ UC
      Saturday, June 29 - Relay Meet @ TBD (by invitation only)
      Saturday, June 29 - Pizza & Movie Night @ UC
      Wednesday, July 10 - SCRA @ UC
      Wednesday, July 17 - Alpine @ UC
      Saturday July 20 or Sunday July 21 - Championship Meet @ TBD
      Saturday July 20 or Sunday July 21 - Awards Dinner

       All Wednesday meet swimmers are to report by 4:00pm.

      *Swimmers report to pool at 5:15pm for Ladera Oaks meet.
  • Volunteer for a Swim Meet

      Summer swim meets require a great deal of parent involvement to run smoothly and efficiently. Success of the swim meets is due to our parent volunteers. Parent interest and reliability are the only qualifications for most meet jobs. Each parent is expected to participate. We appreciate your involvement and hope that you will find this a unique opportunity to be involved in a meaningful working relationship with the swimmers, coaches and other members of The University Club of Palo Alto.
      There are numerous duties that occur behind the scenes to ensure our swimmers have a great experience.

      Volunteer Responsibilities
      • Parents are expected to work at every meet in which their children are participating. The requirement is ½ of the meet (first or second shift), with the first shift break occurring before the backstroke events begin. Second shift volunteers are expected to stay until the end of the meet even if their children have completed their events. See below for a list and brief description of these duties.
      • If you cannot make it to the volunteer position you have been assigned, you are responsible for finding and posting a replacement, indicating it on the appropriate assignment sheet and/or notifying the volunteer coordinator.
      • These volunteer responsibilities are intended for adults. Please do not volunteer any children to fulfill adult responsibilities. 
      • Parents with assigned duties that take place during the meet (except for timers) will have the opportunity to leave their work post in order to watch their child swim, and are expected to promptly return to their duty between their child’s scheduled events. All parents are expected to report on time for their assigned duties as listed on sign-up sheets.
      Volunteer sign-ups are available online at the UC Web Site (see Aquatics -- Summer Swim Team). The Volunteer Coordinator will contact those parents who have not signed up if we find that we are in need of volunteers for an upcoming meet.
      *Please note that the volunteer positions are for home meets and some are also required for away meets. 


      Volunteer Coordinator: Actively recruit and coordinate volunteers and parent work responsibilities to fill positions, ensuring that swim meets run smoothly. Officials: some of these positions require training and certification. Please contact the UCPA Head Coach if you are interested in one of these positions:

      Meet Director (1 person needed per shift): This person oversees and coordinates the on-deck functioning of the meet. He/she leads a meeting of all Stroke and Turn Judges prior to start of the events to explain and answer all questions pertaining to rules and regulations. The Meet Director must be available to observe and settle any disputes that may occur throughout the course of a meet.

      Stroke & Turn Judge
      (1 person needed per shift): This judge determines whether a swimmer touches the end of the pool during a turn and whether the technical aspects of the swimming stroke are legal. This position requires knowledge of the US Swimming Stroke Regulations, and willingness to fairly disqualify swimmers if necessary.

      Starter/Ref (1 person needed per shift): This is the most technically demanding job. The Starter/Ref runs the events in the meet by ensuring that the swimmers start simultaneously and oversees all the other meet officials. This is a leadership position that requires experience and a take-charge personality. It is up to the Starter to keep the meet moving.

      Announcer (1 person needed per shift): This is a great job for someone with a strong voice and an ability to correctly pronounce names. He/she announces the names of the swimmers in each event, and works with the Starter/Ref to keep the meet moving quickly and smoothly.

      Computer (2 people needed per shift): One computer entry person enters swim times into the computer, periodically prints results and scores to give to the announcer, and periodically prints award labels. One computer reader reads the recorded swim times to the computer entry person, and reminds the computer entry person to periodically print results and award labels.  

      Hospitality (2 people needed per shift): This person passes water and snacks to all volunteers during the meet.

      Clerk of Course for 6 Year Olds & Under (2 people needed per shift): This person assists in organizing and escorting swimmers to the appropriate lanes for all events.

      Clerk of Course for 7 and 8 Year Olds (2 people needed per shift): This person assists in organizing and escorting swimmers to the appropriate lanes for all events.

      Runners (2 people needed per shift): Runners collect the time sheets from each lane after each event is completed. He/she arranges the time sheets in order of lane number and runs the time sheets over to the desk. At the desk, the Runner finds the clothes pin with the correct event number, clips it onto the time sheets for that event, and puts the time sheets into the IN bin.

      Timers (3 people needed per lane per shift): Timers time the swimmer in their lane, and read the time to the recorder. For younger swimmers, timers should make sure the swimmer names match with those printed on the time sheets.  

      Awards (3 people needed per shift): Two people are responsible for getting the award labels from the desk in the office and sticking the labels on the ribbons with the corresponding place. One person is responsible for filing the ribbons in the ribbon box for girls and boys, and giving out the ribbons to swimmers.

      Team Photographer (2 people needed per season): This person photographs all age groups at swim meets, a few practices, and swim team social activities. He/she collects all photos from the season and puts together a compilation into a slideshow for the awards banquet.

      Miscellaneous (2 people needed per shift): This person is on-hand to fill in wherever needed per request from the Volunteer Coordinator.

      Note: If you have any questions about specific volunteer job requirements, such as which job would be best if you have small children, please ask the UC Aquatics staff or one of the “veteran” UC Shark parents.