Aquatics FAQs

Q: Where is the lap lane schedule posted?

A: The lap lane schedule is posted online at under the Aquatics tab.  It is also posted at the University Club in the swim office window, announcement board, and at each locker room entrance.

Q: What are the days and hours that swim lessons are offered?

A: We offer swim lessons Monday – Saturday, from 10am – 3pm, to members and non-members all year round.  Sunday lessons are available in the summer as well as by special request throughout the year.

Q: Do you have swim team practice and lessons when it rains?

A: Yes, we have practice even when it rains. The only time we do not have practice is when there is lightening. Contact the swim office 650.493.2375 when the weather is questionable for an update on the status of practice.

Q: When is the diving board open?

A: The diving board is open only when lifeguards are on duty.

Q: When are the lifeguards on duty?

A: We have lifeguards from late May through early September (Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends).

Q: Are my children allowed to wear inflatables at UCPA?

A: No. We do not allow inflatable water wings, or inner tubes in the UC pool.

Q: What kind of floatation devices are allowed in the pool?

A: US Coast Guard approved life jackets are the only acceptable flotation devices for use in the UC pool.

Q: Are diapers allowed in the “big” pool?

A: No. Diapers and swim diapers are not allowed in the main pool.  Swim diapers are allowed only in the children’s wading pool.  Only potty trained children are allowed in the main pool.

Q: Can my children dive off the starting blocks, when not in swim practice?

A: No.  As a safety precaution children are not allowed to jump or dive from of the starting blocks.  Only children who are supervised and instructed by a UCPA swim coach/instructor are allowed use the blocks.

Q: What is the temperature of the pool?

A: The pool is kept at 81 – 83 degrees year round 

Q: Can we bring our own swim instructor or lifeguard to the pool?

A: Only UC swim coaches, instructors and lifeguards may teach at UC.

Q: Are the lap lane lines always in the pool?

A: We keep the lap lane lines in the pool year round for our swim teams and lap swimmers.  During the summer, some lines are removed, to provide a larger recreational swim area.  The lane lines are replaced for our swim team.  During special club events all of the lane lines are removed.  Our membership is notified in advance of the removal.

Q: Can we bring glass onto the pool deck?

A: No glass is allowed on the pool deck at ANY TIME.  Should glass break near the pool and draining is necessary, the fine is $10,000. 

Q: How many guests am I allowed to bring to the pool?

A: Each family is may invite a maximum of five (5) guests per day.  Members are required to sign in whether guests or not they have invited guests. The sign in desk is on the pool deck. Guest fees are $6 per non-member. You may contact Member Services in advance should you wish to bring more than 5 guests.