Our Tennis programs provide friendly, inclusive tennis for all members who wish to play at the Club. Included are programs geared to competitive tennis such as USTA, more social tennis such as Club tournaments, interclubs, drop-in programs, informal leagues, ladders, senior leagues, and casual play.

There are ten courts available, all of which are lighted. Light keys may be obtained at a minimal cost. Court rules and priorities are developed by the Tennis Committee. A Club ladder is maintained and tournaments are held on a regular basis along with a variety of other tennis programs such as junior tennis and interclubs.

Tennis Court Rules


• Members are to register guests at all times.
• Guest charges will be established by the Board of Directors from time to time.
• Only one court may be occupied by a Club member and his guests
• Guests may not play if unaccompanied by a member.

Court Use

• Courts are available for members and spouses.

• Courts are available for children of Club members. The children of Club members residing in the member's household or attending college shall be extended the same privileges as members. Married children and in-laws have no tennis privileges.
• There are no reciprocal agreements with other clubs which involve courts, unless approved in advance by the Tennis Director or General Manager.
• All special events requesting court use must be approved in advance by the Tennis Director, and General Manager.
•​ The Tennis Director oversees all recurring play at the club that includes non-members when multiple tennis courts are used.


Court Etiquette

• Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times, including shirts for men
• Use proper gates when going to or from a court
• All special events requesting court use must be approved in advance by the  Tennis Director, and General Manager.
• Please observe posted rules & priorities

• Distraction of players should be avoided (loud talking, small children on court, etc.)

• No abusive language.
• No food or drinks on courts

Court Abuse

• Please contact the Tennis Director

Court Priorities

• Court priorities will be posted on the bulletin board.