Mission Statement

The University Club of Palo Alto exists as a recreational and social center for its members. Although its physical plant is important, its core purpose is to provide a gathering place and social setting for its members to enjoy on a “full life” cycle. As a swim, tennis and fitness facility, the Club offers a picturesque and comfortable environment for the recreational enjoyment of these activities, but it also provides an outlet for those seeking healthy competition.

In providing food services the Club strives to be “user-friendly”, offering a menu attractive to both the casual diner and the occasional gourmet. The Club also serves as a meeting-place suitable for business and client entertainment as well as purely social engagements.

In offering a variety of athletic, social and business development opportunities, the Club intends to provide a relaxing and friendly environment, attractive without being “fancy”, in short, a place for members and their families to visit and enjoy as often as possible and to meet and develop new friends.

While avoiding “trendiness,” the Club tries to remain flexible in order to meet the emerging needs of its membership over the years. Its activities, while family oriented, are also suitable for those whose children have grown and moved on. Although fiscally conservative, the Club remains attentive to maintaining attractive and up-to-date facilities that serve both the athletic and non-athletic interests of its members.

The Club strives to hire employees who are respectful of the members’ desire for a friendly, low-key atmosphere, but who provide the best available coaching, dining, maintenance and other member services.